The Formica Envisualizer®

An Online Exploration into Design Inspiration

Introducing the Formica Envisualizer® design platform, an ongoing commitment into creating beautiful, unique patterns using browser-based, algorithmic design tools. Engage, create, play, and please tell us what you think.

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  • Patterns

    Choose from six different vector shapes to create your own unique Formica® brand-inspired patterns through scaling, distorting and randomizing objects.

  • Free Form

    Kinetic brushes create unexpected results in response to slight variations in the speed and movement of your mouse.

  • Kaleidoscope

    Turn your pattern or drawing into an interactive, editable kaleidoscope, or drag your own image directly into the browser window!

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How It Works

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  • Create

    Explore each tool, building stunning, repeatable patterns with just a few motions and clicks of your mouse.

  • Export

    Save completed artwork to the gallery, download it to keep for future projects, or bring it to life on Formica Envision® custom laminate.

  • Share

    Let others view your designs in the public gallery or on the social media channel of your choice.


  • My Designs

    Create, save, and edit designs using a variety of tools.

  • One-Click Control

    Control your artwork intuitively with the simple click and movement of your mouse.

  • Design Starters

    Get started quickly with pre-made designs, making them your own.

  • Design Gallery

    Share your designs by posting to the public gallery or get inspired by hundreds of other's custom creations.

  • Custom Palettes

    Create, edit and save your own custom palettes using CMYK, RGB or HEX codes.

  • Social Sharing

    Show off your artwork by posting directly to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

  • Vector Export

    Export artwork created in the pattern or kaleidoscope tools as a fully editable vector image.

  • Project Starter

    Once you’ve created your artwork, the possibilities are endless. Use it for inspiration, or as part of your next Formica Envision® custom laminate project.

Future Plans

  • Preview Room

    View the designs you created in different settings to truly envision the possibilities.

  • More Design Possibilities

    Create layers within your designs, Upload your own vector shapes, and much more.

  • Add Textures

    Apply various textures to your designs to give them additional depth.


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